7 Alternatives to Street Protests in Arizona

Unless you’re living under a rock, you know that 45 will be in Phoenix this Tuesday for a campaign rally. Yeah, ew. If you’re like many Arizonan’s who want to express their frustration of our current Commander in Chief, but are a little nervous about hitting the streets in light of the events in Charlottesville 2 weeks ago, here are some alternatives to street protesting in Arizona. 

Contact your representatives

Contacting your local and national representatives is a free and easy way to have your voice heard. You can find the contact information for all our local and national representatives online. Luckily for you, we have them right here. Click the links below to contact today. Remember – they work for YOU.

Donate or Volunteer

There are a lot of organizations in the Valley that could use some financial help or helping hands to continue educating the community and enacting change. Below are some to consider:

  • ACLU of Arizona – ACLU of Arizona Seeks information on Arizona’s cooperation with Trump’s voter suppression commission. Nationally, they’re the nation’s leading civil liberties advocate in the Supreme Court. With over 200 staff attorneys and an extensive network of cooperating attorneys, they handle thousands of cases each year on behalf of clients whose rights have been violated.
  • Puente AZ – the Puente Human Rights Movement is a grassroots migrant justice organization based in Phoenix, Arizona. They develop, educate, and empower migrant communities to protect and defend families and ourselves.
  • Equality Arizona – this organization networks, stays focused, and organizes around key issues facing the LGBTQ community.
  • Planned Parenthood Advocates of Arizona – Planned Parenthood Advocates of Arizona (PPAA) is the political arm of Planned Parenthood Arizona (PPAZ). It is a non-partisan membership organization whose purpose is to protect and promote sexual and reproductive health and rights in Arizona by educating voters, public officials, and candidates for public office.
  • Hands on Greater Phoenix – a nonprofit volunteer management organization. They address critical community needs in the Phoenix metropolitan area by coordinating a variety of volunteer projects and programs. Identify your interests and be matched with dozens of volunteer opportunities in the Valley.
  • Living United for Change in Arizona (LUCHA) – a dynamic, membership-led, grassroots organization, building power with Arizona’s working families to advance social, racial and economic justice for all. Through leadership development, grassroots campaigns, advocacy and civic engagement, we seek to create an Arizona in which every person enjoys equal rights, opportunities and protections.

Educate yourself

As Hannah Giogis of Buzzfeed wrote, “Ask open-ended questions about race and stereotypes. Feel free to share how your own thought process has evolved and why; admit to not having all the answers. Be frank when someone says something fucked up. You have far more leverage with other white people than people of color do.”

When it comes to being an ally for marginalized communities, do your homework. The last thing POC need to do is explain their humanity to you. That doesn’t mean ignorance is an option. Arm yourself with the truth, with knowledge and REAL FACTS to combat false claims and ignorance.

Not sure where to begin? Click here for a tip.


You don’t have to go to a rally to get up and do something. There are countless events, including City Council meetings, book discussions, Q & A sessions with local grassroots leaders, Meetups, conventions, letter writing sessions, lectures, etc. that you can get involved in. And most are indoors in air conditioning!

Click here for a list, or start noting your interest on Facebook events for friendly reminders and information.


Good journalism MATTERS. Luckily for Phoenix, we have quite a few outlets to access good, local news, starting with the Phoenix New Times. Donate to these outlets, share their articles and stories on social media and elsewhere online, and support their journalists. The more we spread the messages of inclusion, the better. Other media outlets:

  • PHX Soul – the Online Hotspot for African Americans in Phoenix. This site includes music, local events, arts and culture, restaurants, etc.
  • The Arizona Informant – Since 1971, the Arizona Informant has provided an important voice for the Black community throughout the state. The family owned and operated newspaper continues to capture the attention of the Black community and others. Published every Wednesday, the Arizona Informant Newspaper is the only African-American owned weekly newspaper in the state.
  • La Voz – the Hispanic sister publication of the Arizona Republic
  • Asia Today – a monthly publication covering events and happenings related to the South Asian community of Arizona. Our focus is the community based in Arizona that descends from the subcontinent of Asia including countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, Maldives, and the British Indian Ocean Territory.

Support local business and art

The more creatives and businesses of color in the Valley, the more our communities will be forced to take notice and foster a sense of real, true inclusion in the local marketplace, and in the arts and creative scene. There are thousands upon thousands of local businesses owned by POC, as well as local artists of color. Whether it’s through podcasts or film, music or dance, there’s something out there for everyone. Here are some of our favorites:


Seriously guys, vote.

Are you a Arizona resident and want to share your favorite way to protest? Contact us on social media everywhere @thephxpod, or at thephxpod@gmail.com and we’ll share it on our show!

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